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Understanding Pain in Less Than 5 Minutes

As you have seen in the video, chronic pain can be due to processes that occur in a person’s brain. This statement is often misunderstood. Certainly, pain is real and not imaginary. People with chronic pain, including you, have real pain and real suffering. However, in most people with chronic pain, their brain has become sensitized to pain. That means that the person’s brain either increases the pain signal from the body, or actually creates the pain. This happens even though the body, such as the back or neck, has actually recovered from an injury or trauma. This is the case even when an X-ray or MRI shows some abnormalities, because many people have the same abnormal MRI findings, yet have no pain. All chronic pain is actually controlled by the brain. The brain is where a person’s thoughts, feelings and stress are controlled. These brain factors can influence a person’s experience of pain. The goal in my program is for you to explore how much YOUR pain is connected with YOUR brain and YOUR thoughts, feelings, and relationships. We will use scientific research to discover the role that your brain plays in pain, including your thoughts, feelings, and life stress. This is good news for you! Just as your brain learned over time to fear your pain, you can also teach it that there is nothing to fear. You will be fine. You will get better. You will find more energy, success and happiness than you imagined possible. I’m ready when you are! Let's go!


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