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"I was drowning in overwhelm due to starting a business and moving to a new home while working a full-time job and navigating major conflict at work while trying to be a good girlfriend, sister, daughter, and friend. Additionally, I was in the throes of trying to navigate menopause, eat healthy, get some sleep and stay on track with exercise.


Christie helped me put a plan together and stay centered. Christie is the embodiment of modeling self-care and navigating stress and conflict while helping you unearth wisdom and flashes of insight.


After my sessions with Christie, I always felt heard, relieved, and invigorated. She has an almost magical ability to playfully spur you into action after making sure your values align with your desired goals."

- Ali


"I still don't know exactly what Christie did, but after we were done, I felt like a huge burden had been lifted off my shoulders and I was able to move forward and tackle both major and minor areas for me: being able to say no and be able to be confident and compassionate in my replies.  I can honestly say that working with Christie has had a great impact on my life.  Work and family routines are less stressful and I am able to feel better about myself."


- Cheryl


“Working with you was instrumental in helping me figure out what I want from life, breaking big goals down into a series of small concrete achievable goals to help get me where I want to go, and in learning self-calming practices and self-encouragement strategies that can be used as tools to help me get unstuck from negative thought patterns.”

"I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis a little over 12 years ago.  I had managed it pretty easily up until this past year.  I had a flare up that I couldn't get under control.  I ended up changing doctors and changing medications. 


Before I met Christie I was wanting to get healthier through diet and exercise so I could possibly, down the road, get off my medications.  Christie helped me realize that there's more to it than changing my diet and exercising. 


First I needed to figure out what's holding me back from doing those things already.  She helped me realize that my mind is powerful and how important it is to take time out for myself.  I realized through this process that mediation and mindfulness is important along with the diet and exercise."  


- Shai


"She allowed me the space to discover for myself what

needs changed in my life. I chose to rid myself of a diet soda addiction. I

love that the coaching session also includes ways for me to stay

accountable. I was successful in making this change with her support.

In the second session while adding more tools about brain

power I was also able to be coached into a solution for another



Christie helped me find a way to work more homework for my

graduate program into my schedule. I learned from this experience that

I need to utilize the support system around me. I don't need to travel

this journey in life alone. I should make it easier by asking for help.

While I can barely see the light at the end of the tunnel for my master's

degree, Christie was able to coach me to find a way to make the baby

steps a little easier.

Working with Christie was extremely beneficial. I loved being

able to build a relationship with her. I had complete confidence that

what was being said during our coaching sessions was in a safe space. I

know her confidence in my abilities kept me moving forward. They

motivated me to want to succeed. I have learned, just like Dorothy

heard from Glinda the good witch in The Wizard of Oz movie, "You've

always had the power, my dear. You just had to learn it for yourself."

- Mitzi

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