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I help people with chronic pain

 Reconnect with Life. 

Hi, I'm Christie!
Registered Nurse & Chronic Pain Consultant

I will help you gain total clarity. You will discover a myriad of ways in which you can prevent and reverse disease and illness and develop new techniques to deal with your chronic pain.  No matter where you're at on your wellness journey, what medications you're on or what your diagnosis may be, my holistic coaching process will help you totally transform your health. 


By working on every single area of your wellbeing, we'll develop a comprehensive plan to make incremental changes in your lifestyle that exponentially improve your life. We leave no stone unturned, and in less time than you ever believed possible, you'll have more health and vitality than you know what to do with. 


After working in healthcare for three decades, I've realized that while your health and wellbeing is your most valuable asset, most people are limping through life searching for the magical pill that changes everything. But more often than not, it leads to chronic illness and total confusion about what is and isn't good for you. 


Classes are held via Zoom on 3rd Thursday of every month. 6-8pm 


Did you know that your brain might not be your best friend when it comes to pain management?


My approach to pain management focuses on evidence based practices to improve chronic pain and help you reengage in your social and physical life. 

Want Proof?

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